Thrifty Tip: Saving on Dishwasher Detergent

piggy bankDo you completely fill the soap cup of your automatic dishwasher with detergent every time you run a load? You may be wasting money.

The detergent label usually recommends the highest amount that may be needed, ignoring variables such as water hardness and whether you are washing relatively clean water cups or pans with caked-on grease.

The next time you do dishes, try using a smaller amount of dishwashing detergent than the label instructs you to use. Try half the normal amount. If your dishes don’t quite come clean enough, use ¾ the recommended amount next load and see what happens.

If your dishes do come clean with half the normal amount, you’ve just found a way to save 50% off your detergent costs!

If you do have a load that has more grime than usual, you can always add a little more. Meanwhile, why use more than you need?

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The True Cost of Meat

Ever wonder how much your meat really costs per pound once you cut the bones out?  I know I have.

Penniless Parenting has it all figured out, and has been nice enough to share the results of her research with us:  The True Cost of Meat.

Of course, if you use your bones for broth instead of throwing them out then you’re getting more value than just the meat.