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Hicka-Mucka Bobs (Recipe)

By Alice Workman

This easy-to-make recipe has only two ingredients, but is a nice blend of spicy and sweet. Make a plateful for your Memorial Day celebration lunch, or stick a few in a baggie in a child’s school lunch for a nice change from the usual tuna sandwich.


(Jicama Kabobs)HickaMuckaBobs (Jicama Kabobs)

  • Jicama
  • Summer sausage
  • Bamboo skewers

Peel jicama, and remove the wrapper from the summer sausage.  Cut both into 1” cubes.  Thread alternately onto skewers.

These are best when served within 24 hours, otherwise the flavors blend too much.


  • For safety sake, don’t use skewers for very young children.
  • Cover the tip of each skewer with one last piece of jicama, to avoid having it poke through your lunch bag.
  • If necessary, before adding food, cut the bamboo skewers a little shorter so
    they’ll fit in your baggie/container, or use toothpicks instead.
  • To avoid skewering yourself, place the food cube on the counter and poke the skewer down into it. Then you can pick it up and wiggle it into place.  Don’t try to jam the skewer into food that is being held in your other hand!
  • Make sure the jicama cubes are roughly the same size as, or a little bigger than, the sausage, or the meat flavor will overwhelm the jicama.
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Time-saving Tip: The Quick Way to Chop Eggs

I used to chop up my boiled eggs one at a time, either with a knife or an egg-slicer. Now I’ve come up with an easier method, and it’s so quick I couldn’t believe it the first time I tried it.

The trick? Use a pastry blender! You know, one of those little gadgets that you drag out during the holidays to use for cutting shorting into flour for a pie.

A bowlful of boiled eggs and a pastry blender
A pastry blender makes quick work of chopping eggs


If you don’t make pies you might not own a pastry blender.   If you do, give it a try the next time you need to chop eggs.  And if you don’t, but have a large family who love egg salad sandwiches, it might be worth investing in this great little tool just for the eggs!


Chopped up eggs in a bowl


It took me longer to take these pictures than to chop up the whole bowlful of eggs.  So I can smile at all the time I saved, and my kids will smile when they see that they get egg salad sandwiches in their lunches.  I hope this brings you a smile, too!