About Aunt Alice

Alice Workman is a writer with a passion for her family, and a family member with a passion for writing!  She has been blessed with five wonderful children, and an amazing daughter-in-law.  She recently started back to school to finish her degree through BYU’s distance-learning program.

When she isn’t writing, studying, praying or doing something with or for her family, you’ll likely find Alice reading, knitting, singing, cooking or looking glassy-eyed at her to-do list for the day.  More often she’s doing several of the above at the same time!

Want to contact Aunt Alice?

Follow her on Twitter:  AuntAliceW.

Email her at alice@aliceworkman.com

Or send her a note:

Alice Workman
PO Box 274
Sequim, WA 98382

Please understand while she appreciates and does her best to read all correspondence, she cannot guarantee to respond.  (Note her overwhelming schedule, above!)

She doesn’t mind if you disagree with her opinions, but please do so in a respectful manner.  Any emails or letters that contain foul language or inflammatory or rude comments will be immediately discarded and forgotten.