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Aha! There is a Reason for E-book Pricing Madness

In my last post, I wrote about e-book pricing, and how strange it was that some of them were priced higher than their printed counterparts. (If you missed that one, read it here.) After all, the costs for producing an e-book appear to be lower.

Was it just greed?

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Nathan Bransford gives us the real reason, and a very clear explanation in his blog post: Why Some E-Books Cost More than the Hardcover.

Apparently, both publishers and bookstores are facing even more changes than I realized. And good old-fashioned competition has more to do with those changes than even the advent of digital books.

We are already seeing the strain on bookstores. As most of you are aware, Borders has already gone bankrupt and is closing many of its stores. Barnes and Noble is also struggling, and is searching for a buyer. And if the big guys are having trouble, you know that the smaller booksellers can’t have it easy.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the industry over the next few years. I expect that things will be a bit dicey at first while we all figure out where this is going.

But I am optimistic that the future of
books – both digital and print – is better
than ever, as there will be more options
for publishers, authors, and especially

We may be headed for an initial storm, but after that may come the golden age of reading, where there are more books available and more people interested in reading them than ever before.

One can only hope.


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