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Would YOU get Excited About This?

Clipart by Crafty Jenn

Okay, I admit it.  I’m strange.

Few people I know would be excited about this.  In fact, I can only think of one other person by name that I am certain would be enthusiastic, but because she’s single her excitement would no where near match mine.

What is this thing that has me smiling and blogging?  Are you ready?  It’s…


Fragrance-free dish detergent that works
Fragrance-free dish detergent




I finally found a non-fragrant dishwasher detergent that actually works.

Not impressed?  It’s also phosphate-free.


Okay, so I warned you I was strange.




It’s not that I find doing dishes so thrilling. My excitement is in direct proportion to the number of years and the time and money I’ve wasted trying to find a dish detergent that:

  • was fragrance free;  many that are labeled unscented actually have perfumes or essential oils like lavender <shudder>.  Those of you with allergies or chemical sensitivities will understand.
  • was affordable for those of us who wash more than one dish per day (the dirty dishes are never-ending at my house)
  • actually got the dishes clean
  • did not ruin any dishes or the dishwasher

I even tried a couple of homemade concoctions, with miserable results.

I’ve been using this detergent for several weeks now, and am very happy with it.  I bought it from Tropical Traditions, where I have been buying coconut oil for a couple of years.  It is very concentrated so one bottle will last a while, and since I got it on sale the price was quite reasonable.

I just wanted to share my excitement with all of you.

And yes, I do need to get out more.  Thank you for asking.



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