Making the Cut Made My Day

It’s just a little thing.  Less than 140 characters, in fact.  But it made my day.

I was having one of those mornings, extended from one of those nights.  The throbbing pain in my foot, which would have been alleviated had a certain company sent me the foot wrap I ordered instead of accidentally sending me someone else’s order, didn’t help.

Then I learned that the Round One finalists for the Tweet Me a Story contest were posted.  It was the shortest short-story contest I’d ever entered, lasting only a few hours and limiting the story – like Twitter – to 140 characters.  Crazy, but fun.  Hesitantly, I glanced through the list of finalists.  But I didn’t see any of my three entries there.  Oh, well.  What did I expect for a day like this?

Then I started reading through the other entries.  Some of them were amazing.  But there were others that didn’t seem quite as good as mine, at least not to me.  Sigh.

Then I saw it.  One of my very own entries.   I had made it after all!  Maybe today won’t be so bad.


There’s another one.  Not one, but two of my entries actually made the first cut!




It’s officially a good day.



If you’d like to vote for your favorites in this contest, head over to

(I’m in Group 10 – hint, hint).


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