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Worst Gifts for Students?

Last week I posted a list of some of the worst gifts a man could give a woman.  This week, asked more than 500 high school and college students the worst gifts they had ever gotten.  Their top worst make my list look like the best gifts a person could receive.  Here are a few of the “winners”:

•A wooden stick doll without any eyes.
• A used lead pencil.
• Toilet paper.
• A calendar for 2009 that was given in December 2009.
• A dead mouse.

I have to note (with relief) that the last item was not given by a husband to his wife.  Apparently a girl gave it to her brother as revenge.

Someone also commented that getting a bad gift is better than getting no gift, and except for the case of the lifeless rodent, I have to agree.  Feeling forgotten is much, much worse than not feeling special.


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