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Book Recommendation: “A Lump of Clay”

I just bought several copies of this wonderful little book to give as Christmas gifts. (If you didn’t get one from me, I’m sorry. You’ll just have to buy your own!)

A Lump of Clay, by Rich Johnson, is a short parable that will touch your heart and put a lump in your throat. It tells of the life of a simple little lump of clay, who sits on the shelf day after day waiting for the master to mold him into something wonderful.

Book:  A Lump of Clay
A Lump of Clay, By Rich Johnson

Haven’t we all felt, at times, like a lump of clay?

Haven’t we all wished to be better, to be beautiful?

If you know someone who needs to be uplifted or encouraged, this would make the perfect gift. If you know more than someone like that, the author is giving a special deal if you buy more than 5 books at a time. Check it out!

Disclosure: Rich Johnson is a friend of mine, but I do not get any money from the sales of his book, nor am I recommending the book because of our friendship. It is simply a book that I feel is well worth reading and giving.


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