Aye aye, I won, Matey!

No, I didn’t win the book I was hoping for. But I didn’t need to, after all.

The same day that I found out that I won fourth prize in Josi Kilpack’s contest, my mom called me. She rarely uses the internet (I wouldn’t, either, if I had to use her dinosaur computer!), and didn’t know about the contest. But the reason she called was to tell me she’d seen Key Lime Pie at the store and *had* to get it. (Did I mention that I’m the one who got her hooked on the series?) She told me that as soon as she’s finished reading it, she’ll mail it to me. Hurray for Mom! (If only she were a speed-reader!)

So, what did I win in the contest?

I got small treasure box, with a bagful of wheat pennies. A bit ‘o fun, Matey! And especially appropriate to me because of the book I’m writing (more about that later).

I put the pennies in a somewhat-safe place (nothing’s truly safe with a 5 yo in the house), and set the box on my desk, intending to keep things like paper clips in it. But the above-mentioned 5 yo keeps coming up with little “treasures” and putting them in the box for me as a gift, often giggling as he makes his deposit. It is so sweet!


He gave me TWO of his special rocks. He must love me. 🙂



Heart-shaped brad
Close-up of one of the treasures: a brad he bent into a heart shape



So I guess what I really won was a boxful of love. And every time I look at it, I smile. Thanks, Josi. 🙂


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